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      Product Features


      1.Stable Quality and High Consistency

      Good product consistency, both fordifferent batches, and for differentpositions in same spool.

      2.Excellent Product Character

      The breaking strength of diamond wire is high and stable; the diamond particles is well distributed and and no agglomeration, to keep the diameter of diamond wire uniform withdifferent diamond density; strongbonding force of plating ,and there’s no peeling and cracks; the coating is compact and smooth, the appearance looks silver andbeautiful.

      3.High Cutting Efficiency

      High cutting efficiency: one hour for every cut of 8 inch mono wafer; Low wire consumption: ,0.5m/pcs for 8 inch mono wafer.

      4.Adaptable Cutting process and Wide Process Window

      High qualitycutting can be completed with various machines, processes and product specifications

      5.High Product Customization

      We can provide various diamond wires to meet different customer requirements, including dimension(diameter, length etc.), customizedwire consumption(0.5-1.5m/pcs),cutting time(1-3 hours),streak depth adjustment, machineand process matching. We can provide customized diamondwire for different customers and different machines.

      6. Reserve of new products

      Based on market orientation, Metron aims to meet customer demand, takes technology R&D as fulculm and keeps strengthening the exploration of unknown fields so as to accelerate the development and reserve of new products.
      The reserve of new product 40μm core wire with high tensile strength will speed up the process of thinning process; The reserve of 4B6X series diamond for large-size silicon wafer cutting; The reserve of diamond wire 2D6X series for thinner wafer cutting; The reserve of ultra-low abrasion diamond wire 2N65-X.
      Metron will, together with its partners, continuously satisfy the higher demands for diamond wire brought by technological advances in PV Industry.